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Class of 2003 Tree Ceremony
October 29, 2001
A flowering malice crab tree was planted in memory of Sam by his classmates, Hilton's Class of 2003 in front of Hilton High School.

Julie Crouse read the following poem:

Hold on to what is good
even if it's a handful of earth.
Hold on to what you believe
even if it's a tree that stands by itself.
Hold on to what you must do
even if it's a long way from here.
Hold on to your life
even if it's easier to let go.
Hold on to my hand
even when I've gone away from you.
--A Hopi prayer offered by NAPT member
Gerri Power, Auckland, New Zealand

A moment of silence was offered along with a release of green balloons.

Sam's friends offered their memories of Sam to me and I will cherish those memories.
Hero by Mariah Carey